Pediatric Care
We have a large pediatric population. Our clinical staff is trained to attend to the needs of children and our physicians excel at addressing issues of wellness and also illness in children of all ages. We follow the recommendations of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Academy of Pediatrics while treating our pediatric patients.
Adolescent Care
As Family Physicians and/ or Nurse Practitioners, we have the privilege of caring for adolescents as they grow into adulthood. One of the advantages of seeking care with a family physician is that young children can easily transition into adolescence and young adulthood with the same provider that they have known for many years. This makes it easier for them to become comfortable with the providers throughout their lifetime.
Adult Care
We provide comprehensive care to adults including acute care, care for chronic illnesses as well as health maintenance services. We encourage our patients to be active participants in their care and decision making.
Geriatric Care
As family-oriented clinicians, we provide care to all ages. It is comforting for our elderly patients to know they have seen their provider for many years.
Annual Wellness Visit

This is an annual personalized prevention plan for patients over age 65  who are covered Medicare. This highly recommended program aims to keep older patients healthy by preventing medical problems through a health risk assessment and/or by detecting them by age appropriate screening.

Women's Health
We provide gynecologic care to women of all ages. In addition to routine gynecologic exams (including Pap smears and breast examinations) we treat acute gynecologic problems and provide ongoing womens health care. We are skilled in dealing with issues of sexuality, contraception and menopause.
Dermatologic Care
We are able to treat many common skin problems including acne and rashes. We perform cryotherapy procedures on many types of keratoses and warts. We also perform biopsies of questionable skin lesions and surgical removal of certain cysts and moles.
Emergency Care
We do not provide emergency care services at EGFP. We do ask that you call the office before coming in for an emergency as we need to assess whether an office visit is appropriate for your problem or if an emergency room visit is a better option.
Office Surgery
We do many minor office surgery procedures such as skin biopsy, removal of moles, excision of cysts, drainage of abscesses and repair of lacerations.
Musculoskeletal Injuries
We can evaluate musculoskeletal problems, order x-rays when appropriate and initiate treatment for many orthopedic problems While we do not apply casts or do surgery, we can apply splints and treat other routine orthopedic problems.
Hospital Care
We admit children to the hospitalist service at Connecticut Childrens Medical Center and adults to specialist or hospitalist services at St. Francis Hospital & Medical Center, Hartford Hospital or UConn Health Center. Hospitalists specialize in caring for hospitalized patients and are at the hospital when patients need them. We communicate closely with the hospitalist during your hospital stay and help you make a smooth transition back to the community when you are better.
Preventive Care
EGFP Clinicians will define wellness as a concept that is more than "not being sick." They will utilize stages of change model and use motivational interviewing to encourage lifestyle changes to support wellness. They will provide counseling related to health promotion and disease prevention, together they will develop a health promotion plan for a person of any age, and gender addressing core health promotion as a whole person.
Chronic Care Management
EGFP Clinicians will perform a focused physical examination, identifying potential complications. They will assess improvement or progression of the chronic disease and propose an evidence-based management plan that includes pharmacologic, and non-pharmacologic treatments, appropriate surveillance, and tertiary prevention. Communicate appropriately with other health professionals (e.g., specialists, physical therapists, nutritionists, counselors etc.
Acute Care
EGFP Clinicians will differentiate among common etiologies based on the presenting symptom. Recognize “don't miss” conditions that may present with a particular symptom. Elicit a focused history and perform a focused physical examination. The clinician will discuss the importance of a cost-effective approach to the diagnostic work-up and start the initial management of common medical conditions presented in primary care settings.
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EGFP, LLC is a full service medical office that provides both preventive care for children and adults, and medical treatment of pediatric and adult patients for chronic medical problems and acute illnesses. The providers perform office surgery, dermatological procedures, pulmonary function tests, radiological tests, electrocardiograms, immunizations, phlebotomy, audiology tests, and tympanography.  We service the communities north of Hartford, Connecticut and in south central Massachusetts.


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